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Graffiti Wednesday [on Saturday] #1: John Lennon

My friend Jennifer has been writing a lot of great posts recently on graffiti in and around Oklahoma City.  I have always noticed it, but with the exception of one particular piece of graffiti that I have photographed near my house, I have done much in the way of capturing it. 

But Jennifer has me looking at it with a new eye and I have started stopping and taking pictures of interesting pieces whenever I see them (if I can).

This past week she created a meme for other graffiti posts and I am participating!

Before I start with new finds, I wanted to share a photo of the one piece of graffiti near my house that I watch like a hawk.  I have been living in my neighborhood in Berkeley for nearly five years now and this image of John Lennon and it is constantly surrounded by new and old tags and drawings, but no one ever really seems to bother John.

Also the company that owns this “wall” is a Sake factory and when people paint or tag on their other walls, they immediately clean it with a fresh new coat of paint, but this wall the “let” people use as a canvas.  It is like they are giving a gift, saying you can use this wall, but please respect our other ones.

There is something about that I really like…and I think Mr. Lennon would like that as well!

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