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The Scoop on Food Photography

Want to see more photos? Check out @sonyayu’s profile and pictures tagged #onthetable.

Are you a food photo fanatic? If so, you’ve got to check out @sonyayu. Sonya is a full time food photographer in San Francisco. She serves up bird’s eye photos of gorgeously cluttered restaurant tables around the country.

When we were in need of food photography tips, we went straight to Sonya. Listen in for some of Sonya’s insider tips above.

How to take a shot like @sonyayu:

  • Order colorful food and wait for the entire meal to be served before shooting.
  • Stand up on your (stable) chair to capture the grub from above.
  • Get the light right! Always sit by the window, avoid overhead spotlights, and never, ever use a flash - it’s food porn murder.
  • Not all foods are equally photogenic, but that’s not the only factor in a tantalizing food photo. The dining surface, drinks and silverware can add allure and a distinct atmosphere to even the plainest, ugliest foods.

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